RIO Skagit Iflight Shooting Head

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The RIO® Skagit Iflight Shooting Head is a powerful, intermediate Skagit head that provides slow, deep swings and casts heavy flies and sink tips easily. The line's weight distribution loads rods deeply for long, powerful casts, while the taper produces smooth, easy loops. 8', highly visible floating back allows you to track your swing and mend your line for total control. The clear-camo, intermediate-sink-tip section is an excellent tool for adding depth to your drift. Ultralow stretch for added sensitivity and easier hook setting.

  • Perfect for handling heavy flies and sink tips
  • Weight distribution loads roads well for long casts
  • Tapered for smooth, easy loops
  • Highly visible 8' floating back enhances control
  • Clear intermediate-sink tip
  • Super-low stretch

Web ID: 100125973

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