New! RIO InTouch 10' S6 Replacement Sink Tip

Color: Black
Length: 10'

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The RIO InTouch 10' S6 Replacement Sink Tip has a steady front taper of about 3', which allows for good presentation of a fly. Each tip features a color-coded loop at the rear for easy attachment and identification, and is printed with the tip size (the printed end attaches to the fly line). Crafted to sink at a rate of 6-7 ips, this tip is built with RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore technology to ensure maximum sensitivity, and is density-compensated at the front end (not the intermediate) for the very best fishing performance. Perfect for use with VersiTip and Skagit fly lines.

  • 10'L replacement tip for VersiTip and Skagit fly lines
  • 6-7 ips sink rate
  • 3'L steady front taper for clean presentations
  • Color-coded rear loop
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore construction
  • Density-compensated at the front end
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Sink 6 (6-7 ips)