Remington Squeeg-E Handgun Cleaning System

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Clean pistols and revolvers in less time and using fewer patches with the Remington® Squeeg-E® Handgun Cleaning System. Using Remington's innovative Squeeg-E pull-through barrel cleaners, this gun cleaning kit includes all the supplies you need to maintain handguns in top functioning order. Squeeg-E barrel cleaners eliminate the need for mops and patches, saving you time and money and eliminating discarded patches in the trash. This comprehensive cleaning kit also includes matching bronze bore brushes, a 6" aluminum cleaning rod with handle and revolver brush adapter, a 2-sided nylon bristle cleaning brush, a 1911 front bushing wrench, and brass pin punch. A neoprene Rem® Pad protects gun finishes and absorbs chemicals when cleaning. Included is 1 oz. of Rem Oil® and .5 oz. of Rem All®. Everything in the Squeeg-E Handgun Cleaning System is contained nicely organized in the front part of the heavy-duty carry bag that has a soft, cushioned interior to carry 2 handguns and up to 10 pistol magazines.

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