Remington Premier A-Frame Centerfire Rifle Ammo

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Remington Premier A-Frame Centerfire Rifle Ammo

Remington® Premier A-Frame® Rifle Ammo is what you need for serious big game hunting, whether it be a bear hunting trip to Alaska, cape buffalo hunting in Africa, or trophy elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains. Premier A-Frame rifle ammunition is loaded with A-Frame bullets that utilize pure-lead cores and hardened pure-copper jackets. Unlike some of the other cross-membered bullets made today, the A-Frame's front core is bonded to the jacket so it never disintegrates, leaving only the base of the bullet to penetrate. The A-Frame is an extremely tough, controlled expansion bullet made to knock down large species of big game by penetrating heavy hide, bone, and muscle to reach vitals and ensure clean kills. Regardless of the bullet's velocity when it strikes its target, which largely depends on the target's range from the muzzle, A-Frames will retain 90 percent or more of their original weight after impact. This reduces the chances of bullet blow up during critical short-range encounters. Remington Premier A-Frame Rifle Ammo is loaded with corrosion resistant nickel-plated cases to ensure feeding and extraction, even after cartridges have been exposed to extremely wet conditions for extended periods on Alaska hunting trips, or hot and sweaty conditions on Africa hunting safaris. All components of Remington Premier rifle ammunition receive multiple inspections for your ultimate safety, and success when hunting the world's largest game.

  • For serious big game hunting
  • Loaded with controlled expansion A-Frame bullets
  • Corrosion resistant nickel-plated cases
  • Multiple inspections during manufacturing
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