RedHead Chest Protector for Dogs

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Product Details

Give your hard working dog more protection through the underbrush or the marsh without restricting its movement by throwing on the RedHead® Chest Protector for Dogs. A durable vest made of 2 layers of 1,000D nylon, this protective vest shields your 4-legged buddy from cuts, scratches, and skin irritation caused by briars, thorns, or sharp branches. Water resistant, this easy-to-see vest features a bright, highly visible, safety orange color through the chest. Adjustable straps. Chest protector also added support and protection for female dogs with recent litters and dogs with stomach or chest injuries.

  • Greater protection for hard working dogs in the field
  • Does not inhibit or restrict movement
  • Rugged construction - 2 layers of 1,000D nylon
  • Stands up to briars, thorns, and more
  • Bright, highly visible, safety orange color
  • Adjustable straps for custom fit
Sizing Chart
Neck Circumference
Waist Circumference
Overall Length
25-45 lbs.
45-65 lbs.
65-85 lbs.
Extra Large
85+ lbs.

Measurement instructions
1. For accurate measurements - Use a soft measuring tape and be sure to keep the tape snug, however not so tight that you cannot put a finger underneath the measuring tape.
2. Proper measuring points:
     A. WAIST: Should be taken right in front of hind legs.
     B. NECK: Should be taken about 3" down from the base of the skull.

Choosing the correct size
1. Using the Size Chart: Identify the size based on each measuring point. If your measurements lead you to 2 different vest sizes, select the largest of the 2 sizes. For example: if the dog's WAIST measurement is 27" (between the MEDIUM and LARGE dog vest size) and the neck measurement is 24" (MEDIUM), select the LARGE size based on the WAIST measurement. Note: The WAIST fit is important to your dog's comfort.
2. The RedHead Chest Protector is designed for adjustments. Both the NECK and WAIST closure allows for some adjustment for a comfortable fit.

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Product Chart