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A high performance blend of standard and bullpup designs, the Ravin® Crossbows R5X Crossbow Package delivers deadly Ravin power with custom-fit shooting comfort. Pairing the front end of the ultra-compact R26 with a newly designed stock that sports an adjustable cheek pad and butt stock, this crossbow comfortable performance in tight hunting spots. Giving hunters superior Ravin accuracy and speed in an easy-handling package, the 6.7-lb. R5X is a compact 31" long and measures just 5.75" from axle-to-axle when cocked. Offering the same, sleek, rifle-like feel and HeliCoil® technology as other Ravin models, this compact powerhouse rockets arrows towards game at 400 fps with a hard-hitting 142 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. The R5X's HeliCoil technology keeps its cams perfectly balanced through the draw and release, creating a unique stability and balance that produces a precise accuracy you don't expect from a crossbow. This technology also enables Ravin's Frictionless™ Flight System, allowing the arrow and string to free float above the rail for more consistent accuracy and increased string and cable life. The Trac-Trigger™ Firing System slides forward on the rail and clasps the precise center of the string directly for a perfectly balanced draw and straight-line nock travel every time. The fully integrated, ambidextrous Versa-Draw™ Cocking System reduces the crossbow's draw weight to just 12 lbs., as well as giving hunters the ability to cock or de-cock safely. Automatic safety with Anti-Dry Fire. Built-in sling mounts. Power stroke: 9.5". Package includes: 100-yd Illuminated Scope, quiver with mounting bracket, three .003" Ravin arrows and field points (400-grain total), and removable cocking handle.
Manufacturer model #: R005.

  • Deadly Ravin crossbow power and accuracy with custom-fit shooting comfort
  • Compact - just 5.75" from axle to axle when cocked, 31" long
  • Hybrid design - easy-handling, comfortable performance in tight hunting spots
  • Fully assembled and pre-tuned
  • HeliCoil technology - perfectly balanced and level cams for superior speed, power and accuracy
  • 400 fps with 142 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy
  • Frictionless Flight System - more consistent accuracy, longer string and cable life
  • Trac-Trigger Firing System - perfectly balanced draw and straight-line nock travel
  • Versa-Draw Cocking System - fully integrated, ambidextrous, safely cocks or de-cocks
  • Automatic safety with Anti-Dry Fire
  • Comes with illuminated scope, quiver with mounting bracket, three .003" arrows and field points, and removable cocking handle
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Crossbow Package
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