RangeMaxx Top Brass Gun Cleaning Kit

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The RangeMaxx Top Brass Gun Cleaning Kit has everything you need for keeping all of your firearms—rifles, shotguns, and handguns—in top performance. This kit starts out with 2 brass cleaning rods that won't scratch or mar precious bores, 1 for small caliber .17-.204 rifles, and 1 for 22 caliber on up to 12 gauge shotguns. 2 brass adapters accommodate rimfire, centerfire, and shotgun threaded tips (5-40, 8-32, and 5/16x27). This universal Gun Cleaning Kit comes with 9 deep cleaning phosphorus bronze brushes from 17 caliber to 12 gauge; 7 cotton bore mops for rimfire, handgun, and shotguns; 4 brass slotted jags accommodate all sizes of rimfire, centerfire, and shotgun patches. 3 double-ended utility brushes allow you the option of fierce cleaning with stainless bristles, thorough cleaning that won't harm most finishes with phosphor bristles, or light cleaning with nylon bristles that won't mar fine finishes. 60 cleaning patches, 15 each of 1", 1.5", 2", and 3" cover all bore cleaning tasks. A magnetic, LED bore light is included so you can inspect your work. Everything in the RangeMaxx Top Brass Gun Cleaning Kit fits into an organized, aluminum-framed, and latched carrying case.

  • Everything you need for cleaning rifles, shotguns, and handguns
  • 2 brass cleaning rods
  • 9 phosphorus bronze brushes
  • 7 cotton bore mops
  • 4 brass slotted jags
  • 60 cleaning patches
  • 3 double-ended utility brushes
  • Magnetic, LED bore light
  • Organized, aluminum-framed carrying case
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