Rage Hypodermic Trypan NC Expandable Crossbow Broadhead

Point Weight: 100 Grain
Description: 2 Blade
Quantity: 2 Pack

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Giving crossbow hunters the deadly surgical penetration of a Hypodermic Trypan without the hassle of a collar or o-ring, Rage® Hypodermic Trypan NC Expandable Crossbow Broadhead deliver blood-drawing devastation. Led by a needle-like, hybrid tip on a streamlined titanium ferrule, the Hypodermic Trypan NC Crossbow takes the popular Hypodermic broadhead design to the next level. The NC (No Collar) blade containment system utilizes cutting-edge finger-like tabs on the blades' pivot point to "anchor" the blades in place before hitting your target, even when fired from high-speed crossbows. A Slip Cam™ design, this sturdy ferrule allows the swept back, razor-sharp .039" stainless steel blades to slide effortlessly into position upon impact to create a 2" wide cut for hearty blood trails after the shot. Narrow profile and Ferrule Alignment Technology ensure field point-like flight characteristics. 2 pack.
Manufacturer model #: R35600.

  • High performance, easy-to-use, expandable broadhead for crossbows
  • Handles high crossbow speeds
  • Streamlined titanium ferrule led by a needle-like, hybrid tip
  • Swept back, razor-sharp .039" stainless steel blades
  • Slip Cam deployment - rear-deploying blades slide into optimized position upon impact
  • NC blade containment system - keeps blades in place without O-rings or collars
  • Big 2" wide wound channel for hearty blood trails
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