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Rage® Broadheads is the world leader in lethal broadhead technology. No other broadhead manufacturer has sold more broadheads than Rage. Rage built their name on the unique and patented SlipCam Technology. Rage continues to grow with new technology advancements, answering the ever evolving archery market.

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Technology Highlights

SlipCam Technology

SlipCam Technology explains what makes Rage unique. The patented technology allows rearward deployment, much different than the jack knife or over the top expandable technology used by competitors. SlipCam allows the blades to open from front to back. The "cam" off the body when they hit an animal and create a huge entry wound and huge wound channels.


Shock collars are the patented blade retention technology used on Rage broadheads. They sit on the back of the ferrule (body) right above the arrow insert. The shock collar is designed to hold the blades in place in and out of the quiver. The shock collar is designed to break away once the broadhead blades hit the substrate on the shot. The “petals” of the shock collar go under the backside of the blade (not in the slit or depression) and break away at impact.


Rage Hypodermic Crossbow high energy shock collars are red in color and prevent the blades on your Rage Hypodermic Crossbow broadheads from prematurely deploying if you happen to bump your arrow or broadhead while on stand or stalking. High energy shock collars are designed to break upon impact and will need to be replaced after each shot. Blades should rest on the solid portion of the shock collar, not in the cuts. Inspect the shock collar for any damage prior to use to ensure proper function.


Ferrule Alignment Technology, or F.A.T., is used on all Rage crossbow broad-heads. A crossbow bolt is 22/64" in outside diameter. A standard vertical bow broadhead insert is 5/16". Rage makes the ferrule of crossbow broadheads larger in diameter that the broadhead aligns with the ferrule. This allows for the best aerodynamic flight characteristics

Rage® Broadheads are the award-winning, number-one-selling expandable broadheads, which feature SlipCam technology and revolutionary rear-deploying blades that fly like field tips yet are fully expanded at the moment of impact. Available in two, three, and four blade designs, Rage® Broadheads provide huge entry holes, gaping wound channels, exceptional penetration and better blood trails.