ProMariner ProTournament Elite Onboard Battery Charger

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The ProMariner® ProTournament Elite Onboard Battery Charger is designed to give serious and professional anglers the fastest charge times with maximum performance. The ProTournament Elite charges batteries 2 to 3 times faster than standard chargers, and is 50% lighter than traditional chargers. A Forced Induction Cooling system (360 elite models only) cools operation during fast charging. A dual mode battery status monitor views charge levels, and a push-to-test battery power percentage gives immediate status. A waterproof connector port lets you add an additional LED charge mode status remote. The ProMar Digital display features a highly visible LED dashboard with "System Check OK" indication for quick installation status, and shows that batteries are ready to accept a charge. An Individual Battery Bank Fault identifies mis-wiring or a shorted battery. 5 stage performance charging modes extend the life of your batteries while keeping you on the water with maximum battery power. Modes include: Analyzing, Advanced Fill Rate Charging, Conditioning, Auto Maintain (Energy Saving Mode), and once a month Storage Recondition mode. The ProTournament Elite Onboard Battery Charger has Distributed On Demand™ technology charging batteries to 100% by distributing its full charging output to any 1 bank or combination of all banks required by each battery. 3 selectable "performance matched" charge profiles including Standard Flooded/AGM batteries, HP AGM 1 design for high performance pure lead batteries like OPTIMA Blue Top Marine Batteries, and HP AGM 2 design for pure lead batteries like Odyssey Red Top Marine Batteries. 3 year warranty.

  • Charges batteries 2 to 3 times faster than standard chargers
  • 50% lighter than traditional chargers
  • Dual mode battery status monitor
  • Push-to-test battery power percentage
  • Waterproof connector port
  • Highly visible LED dashboard
  • 5-stage charging modes
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