Pro-Troll Fish N Chip Flasher

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Length: 11"

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The Pro-Troll® Fish N Chip Flasher puts ton of strike-tempting action into your trolling game. Instead of giving off a square profile to nearby predator fish, these flashers are shaped like a tasty baitfish. Its unique diagonal tale even gives it a frantic, kicking action that calls to predator fish like a dinner bell. Thanks to its unique design, Pro-Troll Fish N Chip Flasher spins with a corkscrew action, which produces flashes and vibrations that gamefish will notice and chase.

  • Ton of strike-tempting action
  • Spins with a corkscrew action
  • Flashes and vibrates
  • Frantic, kicking action
  • Shaped like a tasty baitfish
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