New! Power-Pole Move PV Black Saltwater Trolling Motor

Volts: 24
Thrust (lbs.): 78/100 true lbs
Shaft Length: 60 Inches

Product Details

Tame the tides! The Power-Pole Move® PV Black Saltwater Trolling Motor was built with over a decade of dedication and research. The result: unparalleled power, durability, efficiency, and whisper-silent operation. This next-generation, brushless motor features extremely efficient operation, which extends your batteries charge for more time on the water. Its reinforced Techflow® Propeller creates a commanding thrust that moves your watercraft through choppy waves and boat-pushing winds with ease. It also has an aerospace-grade titanium shaft, built-in compound fail safes, and layers of corrosion resistance for years of reliable performance in saltwater conditions. The custom-built Stealth Steering Drive provides maximum torque and persistent power that rips through thick, underwater vegetation. You'll enjoy responsive boat control while using the RealFeel foot pedal, wireless foot buttons, and 2 wireless hybrid remotes. These remotes even come with a charging cradle that can be conveniently mounted onboard your boat. Beyond left, right, forward, and backward commands, this advanced motor features a wireless information display that combines with Advanced GPS® Navigation modes for advanced trolling and boating performance. When used, these modes – anchor, vector, compass heading, and follow-a-route mode – can take over the control of your boat, so you can fish without having to constantly direct the boat. This lightweight, low-profile trolling motor comes with an easy Lift Assist for simple deployments and stows. This saltwater trolling motor from Power-Pole is fish-finder integrated. Versatile 24V and 36V battery setups. Includes 1-year of free ProNav support. Mfrs. 3-year limited warranty. Made in USA.

  • Next-generation brushless motor is rugged, reliable and relentlessly tested
  • Advanced GPS navigation modes: anchor, vector, compass heading, and follow-a-route
  • Extreme efficiency saves battery power
  • Near silent operation and powerful thrust
  • Aerospace-grade titanium shaft
  • Reinforced Techflow propeller
  • Multilayer corrosion resistance
  • 2 wireless hybrid remotes
  • RealFeel foot pedal with 2 wireless foot buttons
  • Stealth Steering drive
  • Lift-Assist deployment and storage
  • Fish-finder integrated
  • Mountable charging cradle
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