Phelps Game Calls Pitch Black Series Amp Elk Call 3-Pack

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Description: Diaphragm Call
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Cover a broad spectrum of elk vocalizations using the Phelps Game Calls® Pitch Black Series Amp Elk Call 3-Pack. Pitch black latex adds the key ingredient to boost your calling ability. Built on the popular AMP frame, the Phelps Pitch Black Series includes a set of 3 diaphragm calls bringing to life a herd's worth of realism from medium- and high-pitched cows to herd and mature bulls. The easy-to-use Pitch Black 1 has a looser stretch for medium-pitched cow calls and all bull vocalizations. The do-it-all Pitch Black 2 features medium stretch like the popular Maverick and Phelps Signature diaphragms. Stretched tight for ear-piercing location bugles, the Pitch Black 3 also produces higher-pitched cow and calf sounds with the benefits of lasting durability.

  • Set of 3 diaphragm calls
  • Pitch Black 1 for easy cow calls and bull vocalizations
  • Pitch Black 2 with medium stretch
  • Pitch Black 3 for ear-piercing location bugles
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