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Made from solid, high-impact plastic favored for its wood-like characteristics, Phantom Lures' Softail is a slow-sinking jerkbait with a soft tail. With this muskie fishing lure, you get the hookset reliability of a hard bait with the teasing action of a soft bait. A side-to-side, "walk-the-dog" action, combined with a slight rolling of the bait at the end of each glide, makes for an incredible presentation with tantalizing belly flash. This belly flash is key in persuading muskies to attack the lure. Work the Phantom Softail fast or slow. When trolled, the lure displays a lazy, "S-shaped" action. Individually weighted and hand painted, the Phantom Softail lure features 3D eyes, triple stainless steel split rings, and multiple applications of non-toxic paint including 2 clear coats. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, the Phantom Softail is one of the easiest jerkbaits to fish.

  • Solid, high-impact plastic with a soft tail
  • Weighted at the pivot point, individually weighted and tuned
  • Hand painted and finished with high-gloss epoxy
  • 3D eyes with counter-sunk prism
  • Wide, side-to-side, "walk-the-dog" action
  • Durable, stainless steel hardware
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