Pelican Waterproof Micro Case

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Don't let their small size fool you. The Pelican Micro Cases are just as tough as the large versions in more compact, convenient sizes. The tough shells protect your expensive electronic devices, like MP3 players, phones, cameras, etc. Large latch snaps securely into place when needed – and won't pry open unless you open the latch. The rubber liner absorbs shock and resists water for added protection of your high-priced gear. Stainless steel hardware. Includes a convenient carabiner. The crushproof case comes with a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.

  • 1010Outside dimensions: 5.88"L x 4.06"W x 2.12"D; Inside dimensions: 4.37"L x 2.87"W x 1.68"D.
  • 1015Outside dimensions: 6.68"L x 3.88"W x 1.86"D; Inside dimensions: 5.14"L x 2.64"W x 1.37"D.
  • 1020Outside dimensions: 6.82"L x 4.75"W x 2.12"D. Inside dimensions: 5.31"L x 3.56"W x 1.68"D.
  • 1030Outside dimensions: 7.50"L x 3.87"W x 2.43"D. Inside dimensions: 6037"L x 2.62"W x 2.06"D.
  • 1040Outside dimensions: 7.50"L x 5.06"W x 2.12"D. Inside dimensions: 6.50"L x 3.87"W x 1.75"D.
  • 1050Outside dimensions: 7.50"L x 5.06"W x 3.12"D; Inside dimensions: 6.31"L x 3.68"W x 2.75"D.
  • 1060 Outside dimensions: 9.37"L x 5.56"W x 2.62"D; Inside dimensions: 8.25"L x 4.25"W x 2.25"D.

Colors: Black, Yellow.

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