Pautzke Catfish Nectar

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Pautzke Catfish Nectar

Create a scent trail Old Whiskers can't ignore with Pautzke's® Catfish Nectar! Loaded with a unique mix of scents and stimulants developed over many years of chasing monster cats, Catfish Nectar starts with an old family recipe and incorporates breakthrough scent technology capable of pulling catfish in from great distances. Pautzke's Catfish Nectar is deadly on blue, channel, flathead and white catfish, as well as brown and yellow bullhead, and even crawfish. Simply soak or inject shiners, shad, liver, anchovies, herring, cheese, mackerel, dough balls, or any other "cat food" and allow to marinate 12-24 hours to intensify any bait's effectiveness. Made in USA.

  • Unique mix of scents and stimulants
  • Incorporates breakthrough scent technology
  • Pulls catfish in from great distances
  • Easy to use: just soak, marinate or inject any bait
  • Allow to work for 12-24 hours before fishing
  • Intensifies any bait's drawing power and range
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