Outdoor Connection Express Gun Sling 2

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The Outdoor Connection® Express Gun Sling 2 hangs easily on the shoulder and attaches to your gun to remain just where you need it to be at all times, while you're out braving the harsh wilds or shooting at the range. Made of a tough, synthetic material with weather-resistant properties, this 1-piece sling quickly extends out to 56" in length with the help of the handy, easy-to-use Tri-Glide adjustment feature. Conveniently comes with or without E-Z detachable brute sling swivels. With the knurled screw pin with coin slot, you can attach and detach the pin by simply using a coin to screw or unscrew it, even with gloves on or with wet hands. The full thread engagement and unique tightening cavity are designed into the pin for additional safety purposes.

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