Outdoor Connection Brute Sling Swivel

$8.99 - $9.99
Description: SLING SWIVELS
Color: Black

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The Outdoor Connection Brute Sling Swivel is made up of a weather-resistant, synthetic-based material with such an optimum level of strength-higher than most other swivels that exist on the market today-that it can resist intense physical stresses and extreme weather conditions to give you reliable usage and long-lasting satisfaction. With the knurled screw with coin slot, you can quickly and easily attach and detach the swivel by simply using a coin to screw or unscrew it, even with gloves on or with wet hands; and the full thread engagement and unique tightening cavity are designed into the swivel for additional safety purposes. Able to lock to standard swivel bases, the stainless steel spring essentially enhances the strength and security of the swivel even more. If installed properly, the Outdoor Connection Brute Sling Swivel won't even touch the firearm, eliminating noise out in the wild, or at the range, so that your gun remains absolutely silent. 1 swivel.

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