Otis Technology Deluxe Pistol and Rifle Gun Cleaning System

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The Otis® Technology Deluxe Pistol and Rifle Gun Cleaning System is purposed with strictly servicing the barrel of your .22- to .40-caliber pistols and rifles with a deep and thorough clean from Breech-to-Muzzle®-without even having to disassemble a single thing. Whether its dirt, mud, snow, copper deposits, or other unwanted buildup, this system will make sure these inconveniences don't stand in the way of your gun's shooting performance. With a lightweight soft pack with belt loop, this easy-to-carry gun cleaning system will conveniently hold all the following: 8", 30", and 34" Memory-Flex® cables, 7 bronze bore brushes, O85® Ultra Bore® solvent, a patch that cleans up to a .45 caliber, and other tools made of solid brass that are designed to remove obstructions from your gun. Case size: 4"x4"x2-1/4". Made in USA.

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