Orvis Mirage Big Game Tippet


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Color: Clear
Length: 30 Meters

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Some fluorocarbon fly-fishing leaders are blended with nylon, lessening the benefits of abrasion resistance and low visibility. Orvis® Mirage Big Game Tippet is made of pure fluorocarbon, and has the highest abrasion resistance of any leader or tippet. Plus, its refractive index is so close to that of water that it's virtually invisible. With a specific gravity of 1.76 (water is 1.0), it breaks surface tension quickly and sinks faster than nylon, which makes this Orvis tippet ideal for nymphing, especially in gin-clear waters or where fish are educated. Superior knot and tensile strength; great for throwing large streamers to saltwater game fish, and a smart choice wherever steelhead, Atlantic salmon, or leader-shy trout swim.

  • Made of pure, unblended fluorocarbon
  • Highest abrasion resistance available
  • Virtually invisible to fish
  • Heavier than water; breaks surface tension quickly
  • Ideal for nymphing, especially in gin-clear water
  • Superior knot and tensile strength
  • Great for saltwater, steelhead, leader-shy trout
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