Optimum Baits Boom Boom Weedless Swimbait


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Color: Ghost Minnow
Length: 6"
Weight: 1.4 oz.

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Many softbaits produce a bit of body and tail movement, but only the Optimum Baits Boom Boom Weedless Swimbait delivers deadly 3-way action. Designed by Bassmaster Elite® pro Fred Roumbanis, this soft-bodied big bass bait features large molded fins and an oversized, super-active wide-span tail, resulting in a slow swim that's so realistic, you'll have to see it to believe it. The unique quivering/searching head action, tight body roll, and hard-thumping panic-attack tail kick together provide moves that force even tight-lipped bass to slam it, hard. The Optimum Baits Boom Boom Swimbait is designed with anatomically correct features –head, body shape, gill plate, textured scales that shimmer with reflected light, raised fins – for unbeatable effectiveness in clear water. According to Fred, Boom Boom is best rigged on a wide-gap screw-lock weighted swimbait hook, size 6/0 or larger; fish it slowly and hold the rod tip high to keep the bait shallow, or lower to get deeper in the water column.

  • Designed by Elite pro Fred Roumbanis
  • Incredible soft-bodied swimbait
  • Super-active wide-span tail
  • Delivers deadly 3-way action
  • Unique quivering head movement
  • Tight, flashy body roll
  • Hard-thumping tail kick
  • Anatomically correct features
  • Best rigged with a wide-gap weighted hook
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