Offshore Angler Deep Diver Hard Baits

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Get down to where the big boys lurk—30' or better if need be. Our Offshore Angler® Deep Diver Hard Baits get down fast and are primed to create underwater mayhem, whether you're slow-trolling the reefs for grouper, casting stripers in the surf, or working blue water for marauding tuna, dorado, kings, and more. Check out the incredibly detailed paint jobs, the realistic eyes, the holographic finishes throughout the lineup. Imagine the flash, the attention they'll command underwater. Inspect their heavy-duty hook hangers and split rings, and look closely at those super-sharp, premium saltwater hooks. Our Offshore Angler Deep Divers are built for tough duty, with no compromises, and the price is right too—so grab a handful and go make it happen!

  • Designed to get down deep, fast
  • Deadly on a wide range of saltwater predators
  • Great for trolling or casting
  • Detailed paint jobs with realistic eyes
  • Flashy holographic finishes
  • Heavy-duty hardware
  • Super-sharp, premium saltwater hooks
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