Nosler Partition Bullets

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Delivering consistent and reliable performance for more than 61 years, the Partition® line of bullets from Nosler® yields controlled expansion and penetration with extreme accuracy, shot after shot. This versatile design comes in calibers as small as .224 all the way up to .458, allowing you to shoot the same bullet with all your guns. Nosler's special lead alloy, dual core provides superior mushrooming performance at virtually all impact velocities. The Partition's fully tapered copper jacket gradually thickens along the bullet's axis, controlling the core's mushroom for controlled, uniform expansion. An integral partition separates the bullet's two cores, holding two-thirds of the bullet's original weight in the rear core to fuel a deep penetration every time. Special crimp locks help the bullet resist deformation, even with the heaviest of magnum loads. Each Partition bullet is designed by Nosler engineers to give you the optimum length, weight, and ogive design for each caliber to give you maximum flight and terminal performance. Minimum impact velocity: 1800 fps.

  • Features:
  • Proven design, trusted for years
  • Available in calibers ranging from .224 up to .458
  • Fully tapered copper jacket delivers controlled, uniform expansion of the special lead alloy core
  • Integral partition separates core
  • Rear core holds two-thirds of the bullet's original weight to deliver deep penetration after impact
  • Crimp locks resist bullet deformation, even with magnum loads
  • Each bullet is designed for its caliber to deliver maximum performance

SPT = Spitzer Tip
RN = Round Nose
PPT = Power Point Tip
SSP = Semi-Spitzer Tip

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