Northland Fishing Tackle Mimic Minnow Critter Craw Jig

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Real crayfish don't just scoot along the bottom. Just as the Northland Fishing Tackle Mimic Minnow® Critter Craw Jig does, they'll stop and raise up, with claws extended, when threatened. This jig perfectly imitates a craw's natural defensive posture, with its pre-rigged soft crayfish body, active paddle-tail claws, and solid stand-up jighead that perches upright at rest, ready to fight off whatever is trying to eat it. Of course, that tactic never works on big bass. Lifelike scurrying action on the swim; premium hook.

  • Stand-up jighead perches upright at rest
  • Mimics the crawdad's natural defensive posture
  • Pre-rigged soft crayfish body
  • Active paddle-tail claws
  • Lifelike swimming action
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