Nite Ize Gear Tie Cordable Twist Ties

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With the Nite Ize® Gear Tie® Cordable™ Twist Ties, the days of tangled ear buds and electronics cords are over. Nite Ize took the popular Gear Tie and created a slimmer version with a stretchy loop on one end, allowing it to stretch over your cords and stay there until the next time you need to use and re-wrap those unwieldy cords. The loop on the Cordable stretches over USB cords and comes in a variety of colors making it easy to identify whose cord is whose. The fully waterproof, UV-resistant Nite Ize Gear Tie Cordable Twist Tie makes an ideal solution for wrapping small cords like earbuds, phone chargers, computer accessories, home-theater cables, ropes and extension cords in the garage or shed, and countless more corded essentials you're ready to tame.
Manufacturer model #: GTK3-01-4R7.

  • Reusable rubber twist tie with an integrated stretch loop
  • Integrated stretch-loop fits most portable electronics cords and headphones
  • Looped end remains attached to cord for convenience
  • Strong wire inside holds its shape
  • Tough rubber shell provides excellent grip
  • Waterproof and UV resistant for indoor and outdoor use
  • Won't scratch or mark
  • Weight: .05 oz./1g
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