Muzzy Broadheads

Muzzy has been making "Bad to the Bone" bowhunting products for over 30 years. Their designs are some of the most tried and true broadheads on the market. Whether you're looking for 3 blade, 4 blade, Trocar tip, hybrid, or cut-on-contact tip, Muzzy has a product for you. Buy and shoot with confidence knowing their products have been proven to provide deadly penetration and pinpoint accuracy.

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Technology Highlights

Trocar's Helical Blade Design

The special right helix blade formation and compact design maximize stabilization and helps resist wind resistance. The result is incredible flight consistency and dependable downrange accuracy.

Trocar Tip's Blade Locking Design

The Trocar tip locks the blades in place. If your broadhead comes loose in the quiver or on your arrow, the blades can't fall out. The design ensures that you never lose a blade and provides a solid steel column for increased durability. This head comes in several varieties and grain weights and is available for crossbows or vertical bows.

HB's Blade Retention System

The inertia of the broadhead being shot keeps the blades locked in place no matter the speed of the bow. It has two fixed blades and two mechanical blades that open to give this broadhead a devastating wound channel. It is available in crossbow or vertical bow variations.

If you're someone who loves hunting with a bow and wants some quality broadheads to hunt with, Muzzy Broadheads have you covered. With several options to choose from, you’ll find your perfect match. Remember, you can never have too many broadheads or options in your quiver, so grab yourself some Muzzy Broadheads, made for use with standard arrow inserts.