Muzzy Big Fish Point Adapter

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Muzzy Big Fish Point Adapter

The Muzzy® Big Fish Point Adapter converts any standard Muzzy Fish Point into a 4-barb point that provides maximum holding power on the largest, hardest pulling fish. The Big Fish Adapter can be screwed onto any Muzzy bowfishing point or any standard bowfishing point with 1/4-28 tip threads; simply unscrew the tip from a 2-barb point body, screw on the adapter, then screw the tip onto the adapter. Having 2 extra barbs reduces the pressure on each barb allowing for less ''pull offs''. Getting the 4-barb Muzzy point back out of the fish is easy: simply turn the tip and adapter each twice and both barbs reverse—the fish will simply slide off over them. The Muzzy Big Fish Point Adapter works especially well on large and powerful soft-flesh fish, such as grass carp, buffalo carp, and paddle fish.
Manufacturer model #: 1100.

  • Quickly converts standard fish-point to Big Fish Point
  • Adds 2 more barbs for maximum holding power
  • Barbs reverse for easy withdrawal from fish
  • Compatible on bowfishing points with 1/4-28 tip threads
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