Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Round Bend 2X Short Treble Hook

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Increase your hook-ups on crankbaits! Replace those run-of-the-mill trebles with these Mustad® UltraPoint® KVD Elite Round Bend 2X Short Treble Hooks to greatly improve your baits' hooking performance. Kevin VanDam's favorite round-bends are 20% sharper than standard trebles, precision forged of 1X strong wire for deeper jaw penetration, and able to remain sharp longer thanks to Mustad's proven UltraPoint Technology. The 2X short shank eliminates hook tangles and allows you to upsize by a size or two for a better hooking percentage. If you're not using these Mustad trebles on your fast-moving crankbaits and jerkbaits, you're probably missing fish!

  • The ultimate replacement treble hook
  • 2X short shank
  • 1X strong wire
  • UltraPoint Technology
  • 20% sharper than standard trebles
  • Deeper jaw penetration
  • Stay sharp longer
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