Mustad 1X Long Beak Hook


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Color: Nickel

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Great for saltwater, the Mustad® 1X Long Beak Hook delivers solid hookups and reliable holding power, especially when fishing with larger worm baits. With its 1X long shank, corrosion-resistant nickel finish, and advanced MTL-V1 needle point, this is the ideal choice for targeting most flatfish, in addition to a wide range of other species in both fresh- and saltwater. The supersharp hook point is designed to penetrate easily, with 50% less resistance than classic points. Forged and Nor-Tempered for strength; ringed eye.

  • Great for saltwater
  • 1X long shank
  • Corrosion-resistant nickel finish
  • Super-sharp MTL-V1 needle point
  • Forged and Nor-Tempered
  • Ringed eye
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