Musky Mania Weighted Burt Jerkbaits

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Measuring 9" long, Muskie Mania's Burt™ is a unique weighted jerkbait with an impressive record of effectiveness. A unique shape makes it easy to use. Simply snap or pull on your rod tip and Burt produces an erratic, down-and-to-the-side action that just begs strikes. This weighted, 3-oz. jerkbait may be worked effectively over deep, submerged weed beds, probing holes and pockets other lures can't penetrate. Great for targeting suspended fish with a classic jerkbait presentation. Plastic construction is combined with strategically located trebles for increased hookups. Made in USA.

  • Weighted version
  • Unique, effective shape
  • Easy to use
  • Erratic down-and-to-the-side motion
  • Durable plastic construction
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