Mossback Fish Habitat Shoreline Bundle

$599.99 - $1,765.99
Color: Gray

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Root wads rule for shoreline-oriented fish in manmade lakes! A MossBack Fish Habitat Shoreline Bundle is the perfect solution for attracting fish to those critical near-shore areas. This well-designed habitat array will be a focal point for the underwater food chain for many years to come: the sturdy PVC trunks and flexible limbs are textured to promote algal growth, which brings in bait fish looking to feed and hide, while the spacing creates natural ambush lanes for hungry predators. The system incorporates multiple Root Wad structures and/or Root Wad Kits to be strategically placed at close intervals along the shoreline contour. Looks like natural habitat to the fish, but unlike woody cover, won't deteriorate over time. Best in 3' or more feet of water. Use concrete blocks to anchor (not included). Basic includes 6 root Wads; Essential includes 3 Root Wad Kits and 2 Root Wads; Ultimate includes 6 Root Wad Kits. Made in USA.

  • Designed to attract bait and fish to shoreline stretches
  • A focal point for the underwater food chain
  • Sturdy PVC trunks and flexible limbs
  • Textured finish stimulates the food chain
  • Bundle contains multiple Root Wad and/or Root Wad Kit structures
  • Space at close intervals along the shoreline contour
  • Open configuration creates natural ambush spots
  • Easy to fish around; best placed in water at least 3' deep
  • Anchor with concrete blocks (not included)
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