Mossback Fish Habitat Dock Pro XL Horizontal Kit

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With the Mossback® Fish Habitat Dock Pro XL Horizontal Kit, you can turn your boat dock into the hottest fishing spot on the water. Using the 3 cable kits, you can suspend the Safe Haven XL, a large-sized piece of underwater structure that attracts and holds smaller fish. It holds smaller fish because its tight limb pattern keeps them safe and hidden from larger fish. In nearby strategic locations, you can suspend the 2 Trophy Tree XLs. These large pieces of structure feature a more open-limb design, which attracts trophy-sized predator fish, and they serve as great ambush launching point. Thanks to their textured, V-shaped limbs, these underwater structures quickly collects sediment and algae. This creates a natural, plant-like. Not only that, this natural growth becomes a source of food for smaller fish, and smaller fish attract larger fish to the area. This V-shape, along with structural flexibility, helps keep hooks and lines from getting snagged. These fish attractors from Mossback Fish Habitat are easy to assemble and easy to deploy. Made of recycled materials. The Dock Pro XL Horizontal Kit includes 3 cable kits, three 60" PVC trunks, fifty-two 60" limbs, and it works best at 10' or deeper. Made in USA.

  • Add large-sized fish-attracting structure beneath your dock
  • Creates a safe hiding place for small fish
  • Adds ambush cover for bigger gamefish
  • Attracts all kinds of fish to your shoreline
  • V-shaped limbs collect sediment and algae
  • Creates food for fish
  • Looks like natural pieces of cover
  • Flexible limbs keep hooks from snagging
  • Easy to assemble and deploy
  • Works best in deeper waters
  • Made of recycled materials
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