Minn Kota Weedless Wedge Replacement Props

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The patented Minn Kota® Weedless Wedge™ is the only 100% weedless prop in the history of fishing. It delivers full power, so there's no need to carry an extra prop and wrench. The leading edge on each propeller blade is shaped with a swept-back edge that always meets at an angle of less than 45 degrees. This edge "wedges" weeds away from the hub—even  at slow speeds through jungles of weeds!

  • 100% weedless design
  • Delivers full power
  • "Wedges" weeds away from hub  

Prop MKP-6 Fits Motors:
35A, 35TA, 40TA, 65TA, 35T, 50T, 50MXT, 65T, 555T, 555TA, 565T, 565TA, 30AT, 33AT, 36AT, 36AT/H, 365T, 365TA, 365TMB, 765T, 765MXT, 765MXTA, 865T, 865MXTA, 665T, 665MXT, 30EX, 36EX, RT27/S, RT36/S, RT40/S, 36PD/C, 36PD/AP/C, 40PD, 40AP, ENDURA 30, ENDURA 34, ENDURA 36, ENDURA 38, ENDURA 40, ENDURA PRO 32, ENDURA PRO 38, 40AT, 40AT/H, MAX 30T, MAX 36T, MAX 40, POWERMAX 30, POWERMAX 36, VECTOR 40.

Prop MKP-7 Fits Motors:
90T, 112, 1125/S, 312, 324, 412, 512, 524, 712, 712/S, 724, 724/S, 812, 824, 42EX, 42AT, 42AT/H, 48AT, 50AT, 55AT, 55AT/H, 65AT, MAX 44, MAX 44/H, MAX 50/SC, MAX 54, MAX 54/H, MAX 55, MAX 55/H, MAX 55/SC, MAX 55/SC/H/3X, MAX 65/SC, MAX 65, MAX 65/US, MAX 65/H, MAX 65/H/3X, MAX 44T, MAX 44BT, MAX 50T, MAX 50BT, MAX 55T, MAX 55BT*, MAX 65T, MAX 65BT, 42PD/C, 42PD/AP/C, 48PD/AP/C, 50PD, 55PD, 55PD/AP, 55PD/US, 55AP, 55AP/US, 65PD, 65AP, 65PD/AP, 65PD/US, 65AP/US, 54PD PONTOON, 64PD PONTOON, GENESIS 55, GENESIS 55/AP, GENESIS 55/AP/US, RT42/AP/C, RT48/AP/C, RT48/AP, RT50/SC, RT55/B/H*, RT55/B/SC/L&D, RT55/B/L&D/3X, RT55/B/BG/3X, RT55/SC/H, RT55/AP, RT65/B, RT65/B/SC/L&D/3X, RT65/AP, RT42/S, RT50/S, RT50/S/SC, RT55/S*, RT65/S, ENDURA 42, ENDURA 44, ENDURA 46, ENDURA 50, ENDURA 55, ENDURA PRO 46, CAMO 44, SPIDER 48, POWERMAX 47, POWERMAX 52, VANTAGE 50, VANTAGE 55, VECTOR 46, VECTOR 55, VECTOR 55/3X, VECTOR 65, VECTOR 65/3XNeptune Primary Propulsion Motors: EP42, EP48, EP65, EP96, EP130.

Prop MKP-8 Fits Motors:
95W, 595M, 599W, 599M, 795M, 795MX, 799M, 799MX, 3HPS/SBM, RT3.1/B, RT4.3/B, 3.1HP/B, 4.3HP/B, 95W, 95M, 99W, 99M, 3HP, 3HPS/STM, 395W, 395M, 399W, 399M, RT70/S, RT74/AP, RT74/S, RT74/S/3X, RT74/B/BG/3X, RT74/B/L&D/3X, 55EX, 70EX, RT70/B, RT74/B/H/BG, RT74/B/H/L&D, 74PD, 74PD/AP, 74PD/AP/US, 4HP, RT3.1/S, RT4.3/S, 3.1HP/S, 4.3HP/S, 64AP, MAX 74, MAX 74/US, MAX 74/H, MAX 74/H/3X, MAX 74T, MAX 74BT, 64PD, 62PD/AP, VANTAGE 74, GENESIS 74/AP, GENESIS 74, GENESIS 74/AP/US, VECTOR 74/3XMag Series: 36W, 36M, 40W, 40M, 736MX, 740MX, 36MTM, 36WRM, 36MRM, 40WRM, 40MRM, 40MRW.

Prop MKP-24 Fits Motors:
MAX 101, MAX 101/H, MAX 101/H/3X, VANTAGE 101, RT101/S, RT101/S/3X, RT101/B, RT101/B/H, RT101/B/BG/3X, VECTOR 101/3X.

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