New! Mercury Avator 7.5E 25'' Outboard Motor

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s do not accept returns of any Mercury motors once gas or oil has been added due to federal shipping regulations. Motors that meet this criteria must be taken to an authorized service center for repair, which may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
Steering Type: Tiller
Shaft Length: 25"

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With the fully electric Mercury® Avator 7.5E 25'' Outboard Motor, you can enjoy a quiet, effective, and portable boating engine that leaves the outdoors as clean as you found it. In fact, the Mercury Avator transforms the boating experience by eliminating exhaust fumes and fuel emissions, its crafted with many recyclable and reusable components, and its on-the-water performance is totally smooth, calm, and as quiet as nature itself. Thanks to its lightweight feel, easy portability, and quick-connect mount, you can easily get your boat set to take to the water in minutes. Plus, its ratcheting quick-tilt offers 1-handed control over your tilt adjustments, which helps you dial in the performance you need from moment to moment. The adjustable, ambidextrous tiller features 4 vertical and 3 lateral positions, and it even folds down to become a convenient carry handle. If you want to control your Avator from the cockpit, this advanced electrical outboard even comes with a remote power control unit that can be configured as a console, traditional panel, or reversed panel mount. At the back of the engine itself, a vivid and full-color display delivers the motor's speed, battery level, alerts, time, and distance to empty power output. Instead of gas, the Avator features a drop-in, replaceable, rechargeable, 1kW lithium-ion battery. With this power system, there are no cables; simply open the top hatch and slide in your battery pack. This battery powers the electric outboard motor, which produces 750W of power at the prop shaft for speeds and acceleration similar to a 3.5hp four-stoke combustion outboard. How far can this system go on 1 fully charged battery? At full throttle, you can speed up to 5 miles. At 25% throttle, you'll have a maximum range of up to 34 miles. And you can purchase replacement batteries, and easily double or triple these distances. This system comes complete with a smart charging 110W battery charger. When hooked up, this charger monitors voltage current for a safe and effective charge, and its LED charge indicators display your charging progress.

  • Electric motor eliminates exhaust fumes and fuel emissions
  • Speeds and acceleration similar to a 3.5hp four-stoke outboard
  • At 25% throttle – maximum range of up to 34 miles
  • At full throttle – maximum range up to 5 miles
  • Motor's color display shows speed, battery level, and more
  • Drop-in, replaceable, 1kW lithium-ion battery system
  • Smart-charging 110W battery charger
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Quick-connect mount
  • 1-handed tilt adjustments
  • Remote power control unit
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