Mepps Trophy Series Aglia Spinners

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Anglers who chase trophy-size salmon and steelhead prefer the colors in Mepps® Trophy Series Aglia® Spinners. These spinners are designed especially for fish that return to rivers to breed. Sporting a perfectly formed eye and computer age extra-sharp, strong hooks, Trophy Spinners are environmentally safe, with no lead components. The spinners feature solid brass blades and bodies. Silver blades have genuine silver plating for maximum flash at at all depths, and under all water and light conditions. The spinner shaft is stainless steel to resist the elements. Painted bodies have brilliant epoxy finishes that are fade- and chip-resistant. A strong, folded brass clevis allows the blade to begin spinning freely as soon as it hits the water.

  • Preferred for trophy-size salmon and steelhead
  • Environmentally safe
  • Solid brass blades and bodies
  • Stainless steel spinner shaft
  • Maximum flash at all depths and under all water and light conditions
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