Megabass MAGSLOWL Swimbait

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No bait is better equipped to deal with lethargic lunkers in cold, gin-clear, or highly pressured waters than the Megabass® MAGSLOWL Swimbait. It's a big soft swimbait with a slimmer-than-normal lower-body profile, specially built to "kick at a crawl" so that big, reluctant fish can take a swipe without expending much effort. Its swimming action is concentrated in the tapering tail section, which is made of super-soft, super-sensitive material that begins to undulate with the slightest movement; meanwhile, the head remains stable—an easy target for any finned predator. The Megabass MAGSLOWL comes with a single feathered treble, connected via a swivel, which helps keep the bait stable on a slow swim and adds to its bulky appeal; inside, a precisely placed Neodymium magnet holds the hook tight to the body and balances the ride. So, the next time you're faced with tough conditions on a trophy lake, tie on "the ultimate slow-retrieve swimbait" and give it a crawl!

  • The ultimate slow-retrieve swimbait
  • Specially built to "kick at a crawl"
  • Great for cold, clear, or pressured trophy waters
  • Unique tapering profile
  • Stable head section
  • Super-soft, high-action tail section
  • Single feathered treble with swivel
  • Interior Neodymium magnet holds hook tight to body
  • Delivers balanced, undulating movement—deadly!
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