Megabass Grand Siglett

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No self-respecting bass will pass up a meaty cicada that drops into the water. That includes the Megabass® Grand Siglett, a crawly, soft-winged topwater "bug" that looks, sounds, and acts like the real thing. Its unique translucent wings wrap tight to the body when at rest, enabling clean, accurate casts, then open wide on the pull. Pitch the Siglett under overhanging trees or to woody cover near the shoreline, and work it back with varied styles. Twitched in place, it quivers like a befuddled insect; sharp tugs will open the wings and make it splash furiously across the surface. The lifelike finish is supported by a hard plastic exoskeleton body that creates a rattling sound tuned to mimic a cicada's fading outbursts. The double hook can be run point-up or point-down as dictated by the presence or lack of cover. Great for still-water pockets, but also excellent in pads – go figure!

  • Mimics a meaty cicada
  • Soft-winged topwater "bug"
  • Wings cling to the body at rest for easy casting
  • Wings open wide on the pull, splashing furiously
  • Hard exoskeleton body with ultra-lifelike finish
  • Rattle is tuned to sound like the real thing
  • Double hook can be run point-up or -down
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