MarCum Brute 12V 10A Lithium LiFeP04 Marine Battery

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Leave the weight behind this winter with the MarCum® Brute 12V10AM Lithium LiFeP04 Marine Battery. With half the weight and twice the run-time, MarCum's Brute boat battery shaves pounds while improving performance. In the past, increased run-time went hand-in-hand with heavier batteries. With the Brute, you get featherweight technology that does not sacrifice performance. Spend more time fishing and less energy on lifting. The MarCum Brute sports a form factor that provides a direct replacement for any system previously equipped with a 12V 7/8/9A sealed lead-acid battery. The other advantage that Lithium LiFeP04 offers is a significantly longer lifespan—2,000 full charge cycles—making it a more affordable alternative to lead-acid batteries over its lifetime. The MarCum Brute is also equipped with a BMS circuit that protects the battery from overcharge, over dis-charge, and shortcircuiting. As an angler, you rely on these power options to fuel your passion for the sport. You can trust MarCum batteries, thanks to standard-bearing innovation and rigorous testing and certification to an international quality and safety standard. Weight: 2 lbs. 11 oz.
Manufacturer model #: LP41210KIT.

  • Half the weight, twice the run-time
  • Complete Lithium Re-Power: Direct replacement to all electronics operated by 12V 7/8/9A SLA batteries
  • Optimal lithium chemistry for cold-weather performance
  • Onboard BMS Circuit for battery-management protection
  • 2,000 full charge cycles
  • Safety-tested and certified to UL 62133 standards
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