Lyman VLD Chamfer/Reamer

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The Lyman® VLD (Very Low Drag) Chamfer/Reamer works with all types of centerfire handgun or rifle cases for improved bullet seating. Chamfering tools eliminate damage to bullets caused by the sharp edges of the cartridge case neck after case sizing, and facilitate bullet seating. Lyman's VLD Chamfer/ Reamer is especially designed for preparing cases to be loaded with boat-tailed bullets designed for long range shooting such as Sierra® MatchKing®, Berger® VLD, Nosler® Accubond® and other bullets of high ballistic coefficient design. Instead of cutting at the standard 45Á, the Lyman VLD Chamfer/ Reamer cuts at a gentle 22Á chamfer that has been proven to be the best angle for VLD bullets, allowing long boat-tail bullets to be seated in the case without damage that can cause drag and compromise accuracy; the 22Á chamfer also helps to prevent any Moly coating from being scraped off when bullets are seated. Precision reloading with VLD bullets produces the kind of accurate ammunition needed for long-range hunting, or long-range shooting competitions. The Lyman VLD Chamfer/Reamer features an unbreakable, comfortable, cushioned, ergonomic handle enabling you to spend hours with it at the reloading bench.
Manufacturer model #: 7777789.

  • Eliminates damage to bullets caused by sharp edges of the case mouth
  • Especially designed 22Á chamfer for seating boat-tail bullets
  • Prevents Moly coating from being scraped off when seating bullets
  • Comfortable, cushioned, ergonomic handle
  • Improves accuracy and facilitates seating
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