Lyman Case Prep Multi-Tool

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The Lyman® Case Prep Multi-Tool is an innovative, hand-held reloading tool that deburrs the outside edge of cartridge case mouths and chamfers the inside edge when the cases are new or after they have been trimmed. Four other tips are stored inside the knurled handle that clean out built up carbon residue from primer pockets, cut primer pockets to the correct depth, and squares the bottom of the pocket in relationship to the case head, and removes military crimps. Each nonslip handle half will accept any 8/32 threaded accessory. Case Prep Multi-Tool provides reloaders with all the essential case prep accessories needed for precision reloading.
Manufacturer model #: 7777800

  • Deburrs and chamfers cartridge case mouths
  • Cleans and reams primer pockets
  • Threaded for 8/32 accessories
  • Interior storage for bits

Outside deburring tool
Inside chamfering tool
Large and small primer pocket cleaners
Large and small primer pocket reamers

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