Lowrance FishHunter Pro Castable Sonar

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Bring pro-caliber fishing tech wherever you can find a cast with the Lowrance® FishHunter Pro Castable Sonar. FishHunter delivers pocket-sized technology that floats on the surface of the water and sends you sonar views via the FishHunter smartphone app. It tracks bottom depth, water temperature, fish location, and lures to help you find and catch more fish. The classic RAW view on your smartphone produces results in real-time from our powerful transducer. Be the expert, interpreting the classic sonar view to determine the depth and structure beneath FishHunter, along with "arches" in the water, the telltale sign of fish nearby. If you're new to sonar technology or want the simplest view of what's going on beneath FishHunter, use Fish ID. This intuitive display interprets the RAW data for you, cutting out any white noise and simplifying the bottom structure to give you the clearest view below the water. Most importantly, Fish ID clearly points out your target for you with 1 of 3 different sized fish icons. The Lowrance FishHunter Castable can withstand temperatures as low as -22°F. You can place your FishHunter on the ice to know the depth of the water below before you've even drilled a hole. Once you've bitten into the ice, dropping FishHunter into the water will let you know immediately if you've found a great spot. The unique 3-transducer arrangement shows you where fish are in relation to your castable. FishHunter Pro even lets you create custom Bathymetric contour color charts of your favorite fishing spot or the entire lake by trolling FishHunter Pro behind your boat, so you can always find your favorite fishing spot.
Manufacturer model #: 000-14239-001.

  • Feature-filled castable sonar with better performance than many fish finders
  • Tracks bottom depth, water temperature, fish location, and lures
  • RAW view on your connected smartphone with real-time presentations
  • Fish ID simplified, intuitive display
  • Withstands temperatures as low as -22°F
  • Perfect for ice fishing
  • 3-transducer array
  • Lets you create custom contour color charts
  • Custom maps of the depth and bottom contour
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