Livingston Lures Tournament Series Jerkmaster 121

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By its nature, a jerkbait must call fish in to be successful. None is better at this than the Livingston Lures Tournament Series Jerkmaster 121 Jerkbait, which adds a unique dimension of sound to its visual attraction. Not only does its internal weight transfer system produce a rattling sound, as many others do, but it's also the only one equipped with water-activated EBS™ Electronic Baitfish Sound technology, Livingston's advanced digital single-sound system that recreates the natural sound of actual baitfish while it's in the water—even on the pause. Meanwhile, the proven body design, ultra-realistic finish, long-cast ability, ultra-slow sink rate, and quick darting action make the Jerkmaster 121 a must-fish for any jerkbaiting situation. Pre-installed EBS Smart Chip; ultra-sharp VMC® trebles.

  • Calls fish in like no other jerkbait
  • Water-activated EBS single-sound technology
  • Creates natural baitfish sounds to call fish in
  • Internal weight transfer system for long casts
  • Proven body design with ultra-realistic finish
  • Ultra-slow sink rate with quick darting action
  • EBS Smart Chip
  • Ultra-sharp VMC treble hooks
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