Livingston Lures B Venom 6 Swimbait

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With its variable weight system and exclusive water-activated EBS™ Multitouch Technology programmable sound system, the Livingston® Lures B Venom 6 Swimbait gives you an incredibly versatile and deadly glide bait for taking monster bass. Its husky jointed body and smooth, enticing swimming action tell large predators that a substantial meal is coming their way, reinforced by the 4-option Electronic Baitfish Sound menu that allows you to select 1 of 3 natural underwater prey sounds or a silent mode. You can choose to run it on top or just under the surface, suspend it high in the water column, or adjust it to sink slowly or quickly, simply by removing the pin from the joint and adding or removing the provided weights. You can swim it, glide it, or use it as a 180Á jerkbait that, with just a twitch of your rod tip, swivels around quickly to stare down an approaching predator. Pre-installed EBS Smart Chip; ultra-sharp VMC® trebles are attached with barrel swivels to prevent a hooked fish from gaining leverage during the fight.

  • Versatile, deadly swimbait for targeting large predators
  • Water-activated EBS Multitouch Technology
  • 3 selectable prey sounds plus silent mode
  • Variable weight system
  • Swim or glide at any depth or speed
  • Add/remove weights to adjust retrieve style
  • Twitch your rod to execute a 180Á turn
  • EBS Smart Chip
  • Ultra-sharp VMC trebles with swivel connections
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