LIVETARGET Ultimate Popper Frog

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Only a heartbeat could make the LIVETARGET® Ultimate Popper Frog any more realistic. The shape, color, and ultrarealistic action all combine to fool any surface feeder. The Popper frog kicks up surface commotion and adds a unique bubble pop and rattle for extra convincing from a distance. The buoyant design sits on top of the water like a resting frog and easily slides through cover. Twitch it and the frog swims forward with leg-extending thrust. The legs hinge at the hips to create a realistic anatomical action. The Ultimate Popper Frog features a durable ABS body and TPE legs. Includes a set of replacement legs.

  • Ultrarealistic frog imitation
  • Popping surface action
  • Unique bubble pop and rattle
  • Easily slides through cover
  • Swims forward with leg-extending thrust
  • Durable ABS body and TPE legs
  • Includes replacement legs
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