LIVETARGET Trout Swimbait

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In Western waters and some highland impoundments, rainbow trout are always on the menu for the largest bass in the system. And as the 2 separate versions of the LIVETARGET® Trout Swimbait indicate, bass aren't terribly picky when it comes to feasting on such rich, tasty forage; they'll readily take both juveniles and adults. So the smaller sizes of the LIVETARGET Trout are designed to match the body profile, coloration, and swimming motion of a juvenile trout, called a parr; in nature, parr are relatively slender, with alternating dark and light bars on their sides, and swim with a tight wiggle. Mature trout, however, are noticeably stockier; their bars have given way to the signature pink stripe, and they move with a wider, slower wobble, so the larger Trout display those characteristics as well. All sizes incorporate a medium-slow sink rate. Remember, in these waters, a super-lifelike, anatomically correct LIVETARGET Trout Swimbait may be your best shot at the fish of a lifetime—perhaps even a record!

  • Great way to target the largest bass in the system
  • Excels where rainbow trout are the primary forage
  • 2 design versions based on size
  • Match body profiles, colorations, and swimming motions
  • 4" and 5" mimic a juvenile trout and have a tight wiggle
  • 6-1/2" portrays an adult rainbow with a wider wobble
  • Medium-slow sink rate
  • Super-lifelike and anatomically correct
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