LIVETARGET Pumpkinseed Crankbaits

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The flat-sided LIVETARGET® Pumpkinseed crank is so lifelike and realistic looking that real live pumpkinseed sunfish may actually try to school or spawn with it. Deadly for bass, pike, walleye and most musky, the LIVETARGET® Pumpkinseed is designed to mimic a fleeing sunfish with the same moderate wiggle and swimming action, pulse and vibration as found in nature. If Pumpkinseed's authentic swimming action does not trigger fish target in and drop the hammer, the realistic markings, scale patterns, raised gill plates and eyes certainly will. Plus, with a strategic internal weight transfer system, the LIVETARGET® Pumpkinseed casts like a bullet so you can cover loads of water. Premium Daiichi hooks give the lip holding strength anglers will need.

Model PS57S: 2-1/4''; 1/4 oz; Dives 3'-4'.
Model PS57M: 2-1/4''; 1/4 oz.; Dives 5'-6'.
Model PS70S: 2-3/4''; 1/2 oz.; Dives 3'-4'.
Model PS70M: 2-3/4''; 1/2 oz.; Dives 5'-6'.

Tip: Fasten the LIVETARGET® Pumpkinseed directly to the main fishing line or leader material using a clinch or loop knot. Do NOT use a terminal snap, as this may impede the swimming action.

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