Live Fire Gear 550 FireCord

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Get more functionality from the paracord in your survival or outdoor supply pack with Live Fire Gear 550 FireCord™. The next level in outdoor preparedness, 550 FireCord serves all your outdoor cordage needs just like standard paracord but with a useful surprise inside. This handy cord contains a waterproof, red inner strand that ignites like fire tinder to help you build a fire anytime, anywhere. This special inner strand comes out of the cord easily, allowing you to use the remaining shell strand as normal for lanyards, zipper pulls, emergency lashing, and many other uses. 25'.

  • Functionality of paracord and more
  • Contains a waterproof, highly flammable inner strand that ignites like fire tinder
  • Helps you build a fire anytime, anywhere
  • Inner strand comes out easily, leaving functional shell strand
  • Use outer shell for anything you use paracord for
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