Lindy Perch Talker

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Slow day ice fishing? Maybe you just need to coax them in! The Lindy® Perch Talker™ is perfect for times like these. Simply tie on a Perch Talker, add bait, and start jigging. Those gentle strokes set off a chain reaction of fish-calling events, with flashy strung beads and brass discs clacking together and displacing water, appealing to the fish's lateral line. When they come to investigate, the separation of beads and bait makes neutral fish more likely to bite. Premium treble hook. The Lindy Perch Talker gives ice anglers a deadly system not only for perch, but also for walleyes, trout, whitefish, and other panfish as well.

  • Draws fish to your bait with sound, flash, and movement
  • Made with hard brass beads and discs
  • Drop chain separates attractors and bait
  • Premium treble hook
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