Lightfield Hybred EXP Sabot Slug Shotshells

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Lightfield Hybred EXP Sabot Slug Shotshells

Lightfield Ammunition Corporation specializes in manufacturing the hardest hitting, most accurate saboted slugs available to today's hunters for use in their rifled shotgun barrels, even at extended ranges. During that all-important split second immediately after a slug is fired and prior to its exiting the barrel, maximum spin is imparted to the locked sabot/slug assembly. Once a Lightfield Hybred® EXP Sabot Slug Shotshell clears the muzzle the design produces incredible projectile stability through both the supersonic and especially the subsonic phases of the slug's flight. Maximized projectile spin rate and flight stability are the most important factors when incomparable consistency and accuracy are the goals. 5 rounds per box.

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