Kick'n Bass Shrimp Scent Attractant

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Made of pure fish oils from ocean prey fish and spiked with shrimp and crab, Kick'n Bass® Shrimp Scent Attractant is irresistible to virtually every predator in the sea. This thick liquid adheres to any bait or lure, creating a chum-type slick that's proven to make more fish bite. Charged with pure amino acids and bite stimulants, super-concentrated Kick'n Shrimp adds strong taste and smell attraction to your offering, and will bring the action to you even when the bite is tough.

  • Made of concentrated fish oils from ocean prey fish
  • Spiked with shrimp flavors
  • Adheres to any bait or lure
  • Adds long-lasting taste and smell to your offering
  • Includes amino acids and bite stimulants
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